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This building was built after the year 1717 on the initiative of earl Václav Antonín Chotka under construction of Castle Park Veltrusy. It served for aristocracy as a hunting castle until 1824, when the heirs of the family lost interest in the park and castle. Czechoslovak state took over the remnants of manor from the last owners. The building was also used as a mill and a restaurant. During the 2nd World War Hitlerjugend organization based here. Around the year 1950 this object managed Hussite Chruch, which set up here a Senior's house. But on the costly reconstruction finances were lacking and so the object was transferred back to State in 1970. Červený Mlýn undergone an extensive reconstruction during these years. There was set up here a new laundry with drier of underwear, boiler room, where it is started to use natural gas intead of solid fuels. Rooms of clients, infirmary, kitchen and sanitary facilities have undergone fundamental changes. In addtion, there was built an apartment for the custodian of building, attic offices and parking for cars. Our residents, however, the most appreciated hydraulic lift, interlocking pavement, many benches, flowers and ornamental trees.

The most exacting and also the most expensive was general reapir of roof and facades, which was finished at the end of July 2002. About that the new appearance of home interests not only passers-by, is indicating the fact that the Czech Television picked our home for the recording of the series „The place on the top“. The beautiful facade, however, we do not enjoy for a long time. We can not boss nature around. We always astonished at all nature accomplishes. For example, the rain... Everything that lives needs water for its life. Without it, life would not exist on Earth. On the other hand, one of our old proverb says: „Enough is enough.“ We made sure about it too. On Thursday, on the 8th August 2002 service of the Vltava River Basin announced us that after rainstorm is expected flow of water 2000 m3 per second. For us it was a sign that is necessary to start with the evacuation of clients. A long time ago we had found that at a flow rate of 900 m3 per second, water of the Vltava starts to flow upstream of the nearby creek and at 1200 m3 per second the river starts to flow out its river-basin and flood the surrounding fields. It was therefore necessary to agree with the other institutes makeshift accomodation for clients, to ensure their removal, pack them the most necessary things, help with transport and accomodation in new homes.